TOO MUCH Magazine issue1

TOO MUCHは都市についての雑誌です。


TOO MUCHの任務は、都市に起きるそれらの変化を観察し、レポートすることです。現代の都市

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TOO MUCH is a new magazine about cities that is edited and designed in Tokyo --
it also talks about Tokyo, but is international in scope, and covers cities from all
over the world. The first issue of this English biannual was published in November
of last year, and you can pick up issues at places like the Parisian select shop
Colette, Opening ceremony in NY and LA, and Beams in Tokyo -- places where culture
meets fashion.
So why this interest in cities? In 1950, there were 86 cities with a population of
over a million. In 2011, this number is now at 400. Globalism has increased
competition between cities and it’s having an accelerating effect on urbanization
as well. People continue to move from the countryside to the city -- or from city
to city. This results in cities that are exhibiting new and vast changes, and TOO
MUCH wants to gather thoughts on these cities and the people who live in them, and
also looks to cover the changes affecting our society and our environment.
The debut issue of TOO MUCH features a long interview about the power of places in
Tokyo with two foreign associate architects at the world-renowned Japanese
architecture studio SANAA. The editors also talk with Nicola Formichetti, stylist
to Lady GAGA and the new creative director for Thierry Mugler, about creativity and
double culture, and Japanese architecture critic Taro Igarashi takes a look at
grandiose architecture by some of Japan’s sects. There’s even a “parasite” magazine
insert created by design unit �b�ke. It’s important to note that TOO MUCH’s research
on cities is done through the study of people who live in them. The editors were
interested in finding out more about how skateboarders see and skate in a town, and
so enlisted the help of internationally acclaimed photographer Taro Hirano, who
produced an image report on the construction of a skateboard bowl. To touch on the
issue of people struggling with depression and dealing with living in a mega-city
like Tokyo, the magazine talked to film director Mike Mills about his documentary
on antidepressants in Japan, Does Your Soul Have a Cold? TOO MUCH’s love for urban
development goes beyond the fictional cities built by architects and urban planners,
and tends to focus on the unbalanced and uncontrollable patchwork made by the
interactions between those who visit the city and the people who live and use it.
TOO MUCH is interested in how people use a building, rather than on who built it.
If anything, the magazine wants to initiate a dialogue about the modern city and
what it represents, with the goal of sharing its findings back to the city dwellers
who pick up an issue.

SIZE/H 257× W 183 mm、96 page、english (26ページの日本語訳小冊子付き。)

TOO MUCH(トゥーマッチ)について

PROFILE/2010年10月に創刊の雑誌、TOO MUCH。OK FREDの辻村慶人氏による新しい

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